At AlpineKB, our success story is driven by the visionary leadership of our co-founders, Monica Schneiderwind and Simon Tuckey.

Together, they drive our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, making AlpineKB a trusted name in kitchens and bathrooms.

Monica Schneiderwind

Monica Schneiderwind

AlpineKB Co-Founder

Meet Monica Schneiderwind, our esteemed co-founder, whose manufacturing expertise and deep commitment to quality have been instrumental in shaping our venture.

Monica attained her Bachelor’s degree at Zhejiang Ocean University in 2006, followed by senior executive business administration in 2013 at Zhejiang University, and attained her Master of Business Administration degree in 2023 at The University of Texas, Arlington. She has been the China representative of Doheny Enterprise Inc since 2006, a renowned US pool equipment wholesaler and retailer. She also served thirteen years as General Manager of Lakes Showering Spaces China operations.

During her tenure at Lakes, Monica worked closely with our co-founder, Simon Tuckey. Simon was her client and importer of Lakes products into Australia. Their shared experience and dedication to exceptional customer service created the foundation for the Lakes brand to be the premier brand in Western Australia. This experience laid the foundation for establishing their joint enterprise of Alpine Kitchens & Bathrooms in September 2023.

Monica’s extensive expertise in the manufacturing of bathroom shower enclosures, vanity units, and other bathroom products assures our customers of our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Simon Tuckey

AlpineKB Co-Founder

Meet Simon Tuckey, our co-founder of AlpineKB. Simon’s expertise in the home improvement industry is rooted in a rich family heritage that spans back to the 1970s when he followed in his father’s footsteps and embarked on a journey that would shape the future of kitchen and bathroom solutions in Western Australia.

Simon didn’t just inherit his business knowledge from his father; he inherited a profound vision. This vision was simple yet transformative: to establish Alpine as the foremost importer of bathroom and kitchen products in both the wholesale and retail markets. Simon’s foray into the world of kitchens and bathrooms began in the 1980s, immersing himself in the intricacies of manufacturing. His family’s business, at its pinnacle, extended its manufacturing prowess to cater to four retail locations, specialising in locally produced kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. Through hands-on experience at each retail outlet, Simon honed his skills, gaining invaluable insights into labour costs, material sourcing, manufacturing processes, staffing, production timelines, and the art of exceeding customer expectations.

As the Australian market evolved, imported products gained prominence, prompting Simon to delve into the realm of imports. Faced with the challenge of navigating a global market while upholding the family’s long-established name, Alpine was born. Simon embarked on a transformative journey, crafting the Alpine name and brand. Alpine Kitchens and Bathrooms became the company’s flagship import line, opening doors to retail opportunities under the family name and establishing partnerships with over 100 additional retailers distributing Alpine products across Western Australia.

Simon’s enduring spirit, unparalleled knowledge, adaptability, and leadership have propelled the evolution of our family business into a successful importer, expanding our presence across online and retail spaces throughout Western Australia.

Bruce Chen

Bruce Chen

Research and Development Manager

Meet Bruce Chen, our dedicated Research and Development Manager at AlpineKB. Bruce plays a pivotal role in determining, implementing, and monitoring research and development strategies that align with our organisation’s commercial, policy, and research objectives.

With a keen focus on pushing the boundaries of design innovation, Bruce leads major research projects and provides invaluable research advice, contributing to Alpine’s reputation as a trailblazer in kitchen and bathroom product design and manufacturing.

Bruce is instrumental in communicating research findings and insights through insightful reports and presentations, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

At AlpineKB, we welcome you to a world where innovation, quality, and value converge to enhance your kitchen and bathroom experiences, supported by meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional after-sales service.