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Welcome to AlpineKB, where innovation, quality, and value converge to enhance your kitchen and bathroom experiences.

Solid and reliable for over 50 years…

AlpineKB is a proud Western Australian-owned and operated family company with a legacy spanning over five decades. We have been at the forefront of pioneering kitchen and bathroom product design and manufacturing. Our commitment to producing top-quality, environmentally-friendly bathroom products has earned us a sterling reputation for pushing the boundaries of design innovation. We consistently strive to bring you outstanding design and quality, all while keeping our products competitively priced to offer exceptional value for your money.

Quality Manufacturing

Alpine Kitchens & Bathrooms is a renowned Australian manufacturer of quality shower screens, bath screens, and vanities. With a distinguished history spanning over five decades as a prominent producer and supplier, “AlpineKB” is the epitome of quality and sophistication.

Our products meet and exceed Australian Standards, reflecting our dedication to quality. Our dedicated team remains steadfast in their pursuit of enhancing your bathroom’s ambience through timeless designs and exacting craftsmanship.

Sustainability Meets Style

At AlpineKB, we take pride in our superior workmanship and commitment to eco-friendly practices. Our commitment to sustainability shines through our thoughtfully designed products, aimed at promoting water conservation and energy efficiency, thus contributing to a greener future.

We acknowledge our role in the collective endeavour to protect our planet. Our factories actively explore eco-conscious alternatives for our shower and bath screen range.

Compliance Certification

AlpineKB proudly crafts our shower and bath screens, adhering to the strictest Australian/New Zealand product Compliance Certification standards. This entire manufacturing process is conducted in-house, right within our specialised facility, jointly owned by Australians and Americans, located in Ningbo, China.